Our team has an impressive track records of success and includes: technologists, marketers and operators, and market model, mar-tech, ad-tech and fin-tech experts. We are passionate about improving the way programmatic media is bought and sold. Here’s our tight knit team


Habib Khoury

Habib Khoury

Amihai Ulman

Amihai Ulman

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Habib has operated private and public companies at various stages of development from start-ups to businesses with over $80M in revenues.  Prior to joining MX, Habib served as CEO of Free All Media, LLC., a social media advertising platform that delivered engagements through its Facebook artist network of 100M followers.   Prior to Free All Media, Habib was Managing Director of the Enterprise Division for the, an SaaS internet recruitment solution.   Prior to that, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of G8Wave Holdings (OTC:GEWV), an integrated mobile media company and mobile technology platform, global provider of interactive entertainment, social networking and mobile community services.  Previously, Habib was a Portfolio CEO of two Platinum Equity companies: DNCP (which he acquired from Lucent and subsequently established as Cemprus) a fault tolerant systems and service provider to the top 50 global telecommunication companies; and Process Software a mission critical enterprise software and services provider to global 2000 companies.   Before joining Platinum, he was President and COO of Knowledge Universe (KUE) subsidiary Get2it, a consumer based internet content, media and service business.   He has also served as senior vice president for Medical Manager (NASDQ:MMGR) and its subsidiary CareInsite, Inc. (NASDQ:CARI), a healthcare exchange, content, services and technology company that managed online healthcare information and transactions over the Internet, and which became part of WebMD (NASDQ:WBMD).  Prior to CareInsite, he was a co-founder of CareAgents, an internet healthcare exchange, content and services company which he sold to Synetic (NASDQ:SNTC) before it was renamed CareInsite/Medical Manager.  He served as CIO for Harvard Community Health Plan, as a Senior Executive of Operations for Bioran Medical Laboratory (sold to Quest Diagnostics NYSE:DGX). Habib was chairman of the ITAA software division board and is currently a member of the World President’s Organization (WPO). He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College.


Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Amihai has over a decade of experience defining and implementing transformative innovations leading to strategic market opportunities for companies and organizations like Standard & Poor’s, Morgan Stanley, McGraw-Hill, digital ad agencies, government agencies, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

Amihai's most recent innovation focus, the ability to harness complex business solutions and advanced analytics in financial products and services and advertising technologies and programmatic media, has lead Amihai to develop MASS Exchange's intellectual property, lead the development of its products and services and co-author or author MASS Exchange's patents.  Previously, he commercialized successful ventures in the real estate and entertainment industries.

Amihai has served as an Adjunct Mathematics Professor at NYU/Polytechnic University.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minors in Physics and Math and also holds a Master’ Degree s in Political Science with a focus on Policy Analysis.


Ari Paparo CEO, Beeswax

Ari Paparo
CEO, Beeswax

Norm Page SVP Platform Sales, Grapeshot

Norm Page
SVP Platform Sales, Grapeshot

Martin Cass CEO, MDC Media Partners

Martin Cass
CEO, MDC Media Partners

Molly Ford Partner, [ mass X speed ]      

Molly Ford
[ mass X speed ]




Dean Harris CMO, Forensiq

Dean Harris
CMO, Forensiq

Steve Lanning Director of Advanced Analytics, ViaSat  

Steve Lanning
Director of Advanced Analytics, ViaSat


Chris O'hara Vice President, Krux

Chris O'hara
Vice President, Krux