The Exchange


MX is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of media to be delivered in the future. MX provides a negotiating environment enabling buyers and sellers to submit their supply and demand for programmatic matching.

MX’s marketplace is a two-sided auction where transaction prices are set by the buyer for buy-orders and the seller for sell-orders. The MX matching engine programmatically matches supply and demand in the manner most optimal to both sides. In MX, there is no need for floor prices because if the buyer or the seller cannot get the audience targeted placements at the price they each want, there is no match. MX enables buying and selling in any manner most optimal for each market participant and seamlessly supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many deals (direct, private, and open market transactions).


  • Buy and sell orders are curated (audience targeted placements at a unit/impression or package level).
  • Resting orders. Buy and sell orders stay open.
  • Buyers search for supply and sellers search for demand. Buyers query sell orders and sellers query buy orders; each queries the price and amount required to fulfill their order.
  • Market matches bids and asks, it doesn’t determine clearing price.
  • Depth of forward supply and demand liquidity can be measured.
  • Market data and user rules are deterministic.
  • Buyer and seller maintain full control