The Exchange


MASS Exchange is a ‘Bid And Ask’ negotiating environment that is perfect for transacting TV media, both linear and addressable. Programmatic matching of supply and demand, real time notifications, and direct trafficking integration.

MASS Exchange supports: linear TV, audience targeted linear TV and addressable TV impressions. A two-sided auction where transaction prices are set by the buyer and the seller.

The matching engine programmatically matches supply and demand in the manner most optimal to both sides. MX mitigates transaction risks because there is no deal if the buyer or the seller cannot get the price they each want.

Buyers and sellers find liquidity at scale, on a level playing field, with full control over what, how and with whom they transact. Both sides can create and manage one-to-one (direct/private), one-to-many (semi-private), and many-to-many (open) markets.

In the exchange:

  • Buyers and sellers maintain full control
  • Buyers search for the supply and sellers search for the demand they each want
  • Bids and asks are matched, the auction never determines clearing prices
  • The depth of forward supply and demand liquidity is reported

MX integrates with existing audience data, planning, forecasting and trafficking systems (see API solutions) so publishers can sell across platforms and advertisers can buy audience-targeted-media across platforms, on a single transactional platform.