Liquid for TV Buyers


Liquid, the gateway to MASS Exchange, provides an efficient way to bid on and negotiate to buy television advertising sold as linear TV, audience targeted TV, or addressable TV impressions.

Buyers can search the market by network, day-part, day, hour, show, pod and audience. And with the ability to bid on qualified inventory at a more granular level, buyers are able to target the spots that best meet their campaign objectives.

Liquid provides:

·         Centralized supply liquidity on a single screen

·         Price discovery via the exchange

·         Insights on clearing rates

·         Transparency into competitive bids

·         Reduced transaction costs

Buyers get better visibility into what is being offered from all inventory sources, allowing more strategic and proactive buying and execution.

With Liquid, media buyers benefit from a direct connection to publisher inventory on MASS Exchange, transparently priced, without arbitrage or additional fees.