Welcome to Midtown Manhattan

We are pleased to announce that we have opened our Manhattan offices. In a city as storied as New York, it is always interesting to put the present in the context of the past. Our new offices are located right off Herald Square, an area named for The New York Herald newspaper that resided in the area for many years; just like Times Square was named for its proximity to The New York Times. The history of Herald Square means a lot for a tech company in the advertising business.

The New York Herald was in print for sixteen years before The New York Times, and lost that long battle for print media domination after 90 years to the The Gray Lady. But, advertising is both media and advertisers.  The other epic battle that took place in Herald Square was the one between the Macy's and Gimbels department stores.  This epic century-long battle for business transformed both american culture and the retail business. The most notable and longest lasting impact we can see to this day is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The idea of a department-store parade originated in 1920 with Gimbels Department Store in Philadelphia and was quickly copied by Macy's.

This place teaches us to always look forward and to watch our back! Great companies have been born here, live here, and have died here.