The values we share are what make us successful. Fundamental innovation requires a culture designed for that express purpose and a clear set of values. Believe in competition. Letting the best ideas win inside your team is the best model to achieve success. This is the essence of evolution. Ours is an ecosystem of ideas. Sometimes ideas go extinct, sometimes they thrive. The level of diversity is determined by the dynamics of the system. If we view ideas as merely a resource that is consumed, digested, and excreted, we can throw opposing ideas into "battle" and "let them fight it out." Bring evidence, data, and opinion and have at it. But in the end, we're a team, no matter which idea wins, the team wins.

Prepare for the ups and the downs. Transformational technologies each grow in their own way. It takes time. Think about the worst case scenario, now triple it.  Be ready to absorb that shock, and you'll pretty much never have to worry. Change only happens when the collective consciousness of an industry becomes aware that something new can make things better for everyone. It takes a long time to move an entire industry. It's like a freight train, it is really hard to get up to speed, but once you do its unstoppable.

Facts sometimes only lead to one conclusion. Always be ready to be wrong. If ideas have room to grow and die, the competition can work. Doing that is hard. It takes a lot of courage. A lot of things can go wrong.  Sometimes they go right. Even if your losing keep up the fight. Sometimes ideas really need to 'duke it out' with each other before a winner is clear. Whatever the outcome, if your proven wrong or right, you've learned now move on.

Believe in your team. Enough said.