Here we go!

Welcome to the MASS Exchange blog, We want to share our journey, our learnings, and the ways in which advertising and financial markets can each learn form the other. So, let's start with what we are doing...


Mass Exchange is building the world’s first advertising futures market for programmatic media futures.  A key differentiator of our market is standardized upfront contracts that can be traded as part of a robust, transparent, and efficient organized market.  Our innovation applies to all addressable ad markets, including: television, online, and mobile, all traded through a single exchange.  Our novel processes provide transactional opacity, price discovery, and price transparency while providing optional anonymity to ensure that buyers’ and sellers’ advertising strategies are not exposed to the broader markets.

Since the 1970s, financial and commodity markets have developed conventions, objective governing rules, and standardized product terms to promote competition, transparency, and organized marketplaces.  While advertising has many buyers and sellers who engage in thousands of transactions a day, and a number of standardized products with objective definitions, advertising has no organized market to provide price discovery and transparency nor a way for buyers and sellers to meet efficiently to transact business using standardized products.

MASS Exchange is bringing over 40 years of market structure and electronic exchange knowledge to advertising.